Month: December 2017

My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts have become an increasingly important part of my life over the last few years. In fact, I can pinpoint the period in which podcasts became relevant to me simply by looking back into my old blog posts. I’ve compiled some of the podcasts that have had an outsized influence on the way I think about things below.

Exponent podcast art
Exponent, hosted by Ben Thompson and James Allworth, has played an important role in my professional development. The concepts and questions discussed on this show frequently give me a lot to think about and consider, and I find myself strongly disagreeing with one or both of them quite frequently, which always makes for an engaging listen.

Artwork for Let's Make Mistakes Podcast

Let’s Make Mistakes, hosted by Mike Monteiro and the folks at Mule Design, have helped me see things from a design perspective in a way that has been extremely useful to me in my current role. It’s a shame that they only publish a few episodes a year, but the content is evergreen, and I suggest you work your way through their back catalog. 

Artowork for Presentable podcast

Presentable, part of the network, is another design-focused podcast that I’ve drawn significant inspiration from. Hosted by Jeff Veen, partner at True Ventures and founder of TypeKit, Presentable explores a variety of design and user research topics. In particular, I’d suggest episode 34, “What User Research can Learn From Growth Hacking.”

Artwork for Pragmatic podcast

Pragmatic, on the Engineered Network, is hosted by John Chidgey, an electrical engineer who takes the time to do significant research for each show. This show is great for those that like to take apart ideas and consider them from every angle. If you’re not already a listener, I’d suggest starting with episode 22, “Core Business” with guest Horace Dediu.

Image result for

Not a podcast, but Overcast has become not just the way I consume the ~20 something podcasts I listen to weekly, but has been the tool that has enabled discoverability for me. I highly recommend it.