Visual Aid: Xoom vs. iPad 1 Launch Sales

Business Insider has declared Motorola's Xoom a flop. Based on an analysis by Deutsche Bank the Xoom has sold an estimated 100,000 units in the past 40 days based on the number of devices running Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Jay Yarow:

For some context, Apple sold 300,000 iPads on the first week weekend it was available.

I found this very interesting, but wanted a better comparison.

According to Apple's June 22nd, 2010 release, three million iPads were sold in the first 80 days after launch. This works out to 37,500 iPads per day. The Xoom's 100,000 in 40 days works out to 2,500 per day. A drastic difference.

Poor Motorola.