Gruber Doesn't Get Color

This thing looks like a turd to me. Now, maybe I’m the idiot and the joke’s on me and Color is going to be a huge hit. But my figurative money says that the investors who funded these guys just flushed $41 million in literal money down the toilet.
When I read about the premise behind Color I was smitten. Here's my use case(es):
  • Out with friends (most of whom have iPhones or Android devices) and not only will I see a stream of their pictures, but also people around us whom I don't know. I could see a picture pop up with me in it, and look around to see where it was taken from. I find this idea very engaging
  • Talking with a friend that is out somewhere cool, I could see the pictures being taken by those around him, even if they aren't his friends, and I don't know them, to create a moasiac of sorts. This could help me better understand what he's seeling and doing. If he's trying to get me to come out to a bar or restaurant it may help me make a decision.

The app itself is buggy, and as of now I can't find anyone using it (even in NYC), but it has promise.