'We're Committed'

RIM will "maintain choice within its product portfolio" and is "absolutely committed to building more great keyboard-based smartphones."

Anonymous RIM employee via Engadget, November 16th, 2011.

Holding on to conventions of the past is the last bastion of the freightened and confused. The music industry, the motion picture industry, the publishing industry. Besides, we've heard the words 'we're committed' before...

We are not walking away from webOS.

Stephen DeWitt of HP, via The Verge, August 18th, 2011.

We need to earn our way in. But we’re committed [to WebOS].

Richard Kerris of HP, via mocoNews, March 30, 2011

We believe webOS can become the backbone for many of HP’s small form factor devices, and we expect to expand webOS’s footprint beyond just the smartphone market...

Marc Hurd formerly or HP, via BGR, June 3rd, 2010.