Since When Did Apple 'Slash Prices'?

The class act of Cupertino may have priced its iPad out of the market this holiday season.

By keeping the price of their market-leading market-making product the same as it was at launch, the same amount that has made them the only successful tablet manufacturer, they have priced themselves out of the market this holiday. This just reeks of analyst rhetoric...

Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope is advising clients to keep an eye on iPad sales this quarter, fearing that the company is facing some near-term demand challenges for its iconic tablet. He argues, and rightfully so, that Apple is long overdue for a price cut.

Goldman Sachs! Well, if there was ever a respectable Wall Street firm...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Apple -- until now the runaway market share champ in this nascent niche -- is finally facing legitimate competition at ridiculously attractive price points.

Analyst from Respectable Wall Street Firm suggests to Mercedes that it lower the price of it's E-Class under threat of competitive pressures from recent Hyundai and Kia offerings. Also notes, beware of bargain-basement used car lots selling their failed products for a fraction of original retail price.

Props to MSNBC for the breaking the story.